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What makes a strain hit? Is it the flavor, the hype, availability? It’s a combination of all those factors and many more. Gelato and a litany of phenotypes continue to flood the market (#33, #41, and #45 are all popular). Inevitably, something will come to take its place. I hot new cultivar will storm the gates and take Gelato’s delicious berry throne. It could even be one of the many Gelato crosses popping up all over the place like Gelato Cake or the Sugar Cone strain. I believe the Mike Larry strain could catch wind and make some real noise throughout recreational cannabis markets. READ MORE

Skunk House Genetics bred Mike Larry by crossing two famous strains: Gelato #45 and Larry OG F8. This stinky strain has a fuel-filled, sweet cream aroma that will turn heads. Mike Larry starts sweet and ends with a strong OG exhale. Buds are light green with hints of purple and an impressive display of trichomes. This strain offers a relaxing high that will still keep you focused and involved.

Buy Wifi Mints weed online. Jungle boys’ Wifi Mints (also known as white fire mints or wifi OG), is a high potency weed that takes you straight to the moon. it is ideal for zoning out or hitting the gym. Wifi Mints strain is a cross of White Fire OG and Animal Mints strain. The same male Seed Junky Genetics used to create Wedding Cake. It has a signature earthy exhale with added spice from its Girl Scout Cookies lineage and minty scent.  the high has more indica properties.  READ MORE

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